How to Backup and Restore Data on MacOS Catalina

You want to backup your iPhone on your mac running macOS Catalina version. Here is the instruction to back up and restore data of your iPhone on macOS Catalina.


From MacOS Catalina, there are a lot of changes in this update. The most important note is that Apple has removed iTunes and combined it into Apple Music. In previous versions, when you plug your iPhone/iPad into your Mac, iTunes window will automatically open up for you to perform tasks. However, this will not occur on the new macOS Catalina version. Once your phone is connected, Apple Music will not open, instead you will need to open it in Finder.

All the tasks are now done in Finder section. If you are looking for how to backup and restore your iPhone in macOS Catalina, this post will show you simple steps to do that.

How to Backup & Restore iPhone on macOS Catalina

Step 1: Connect your iPhone/iPad to your Mac using Lightning cable.

Step 2: Open Finder app on your Mac by clicking on Apple icon > Finder, or from Dock. From the left panel, you will see the name of your iPhone under your Mac.

Step 3: Click on Pair button so that your Mac can access data on your iPhone and unlock your phone when prompted.

Step 4: Now, the familiar iTunes will show you and you can start backing or restoring data on your iPhone/iPad.


When backing up your data, you will be asked to encrypt your backup or not. Most of you you usually choose Yes for better security. However, when restoring it again, you forget the keychain password. In this case, the solution is:

  • On your iPhone/iPad, go to Settings > General > Reset
  • Select Reset All Settings and enter the passcode of your phone when prompted
  • Follow the onscreen instruction to reset your phone. Do not worry sine it will not erase any data on your phone.
  • When done, just connect your phone to your Mac and you can restore your encrypted backup.

To find backups in your Mac, go to Apple logo -> About This Mac -> Storage -> Manage and you will see your iOS backup files here.


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