Mac users who are using the new MacBook Pro 16 “can now install Windows 10 on their computer through Boot Camp Assistant. There are numbers of users reported that they were not able to install Windows 10 on the new MacBook Pro and drivers did not work as well.

If you have failed to installaed Windows on your new MBP 16-inch previously, you just need to run Boot Camp Assistant for Windows installation, storage partition between macOS and Win. Furthermore, it now supports full drivers so that users can connect USB, and periphicials to it.

Download the ISO file of Windows from Microsoft from HERE

Once you have downlaoded Windows 10 file, open Boot Camp Assistant and choose the “ISO Image” box and browse to the Windows 10 file you just downloaded. After that, just drag the partition between Windows and macOS.

 Note: It is recommended to partition Windows for at least 100 GB since it needs a lot of storage for software installation. Click on Install and then wait for it.

If you want to switch between Windows and macOS, the quickest way is to restart your MacBook Pro 16 inch, simple press and hold Option (alt) key.

For a full detail guide, refer this post to install Windows 10 on your new MBP 16-inch

How To Install Windows 10 On MacOS Using BootCamp


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