How to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock with One Click

Here is how to bypass iCloud activation lock on iPhone/iPad.

iCloud activation lock removal

iCloud activation lock is always headache problem with iPhone/iPad users those who forgot their Apple ID or password. After a factory reset, if you forget your Apple ID, it will be a terrible problem when you are unable to complete the setup wizard to activate your iPhone/iPad. In the past, bypassing iCloud account would take you a lot of money for third party services. However, everything has changed now when you can do it yourself to bypass iCloud account being signed in your iPhone/iPad.

Checkra1n has released a tool that allows iOS users to bypass iCloud on their phone even without knowing it. Once it’s bypassed, you can still use it normally to download and install apps. The iCloud account will be hidden, and you cannot login your Apple ID. CrazyMind90 and ajBboCydia have recently created a new iCloud activation removal tool, called the icloudBypassCA tool to help the bypassing process become easier.

Do not waste your time anymore, let’s start bypassing iCloud account on your iPhone/iPad just with ONE Click!

How to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone with One Click

Before getting started, you should note that this method currently works with macOS version. For Windows computer, you need to run Hackintosh to wait for tool update that supports Windows OS. Once you meet requirements, follow these steps below to do that.

Step 1: Download two files that are required for the process to get it done.!VeJwhY4Z!3m6CFNIIE_u630_FmZ8yEg

Step 2: When done, unzip the iCloud Bypass file and you will get checkra1n beta 0.9.1.dmg file. Simply install it on your Mac.

(From macOS Catalina, you will need to disable SIP and GateKeeper on your Mac to install apps outside Mac App Store)

Step 3: Next, continue to install iCloudBypassCA2.3 on your computer. Enter the password of your Mac when prompted during the process.

Step 4: Open Spotlight and search for iCloubypassCa in the box and then drag it to the slider.

Step 5: Connect your iPhone to your Mac and wait for your Mac to detect your iPhone.

Step 6: The next step is to open Checkra1n and click on Start > Next. Your phone will then enter DFU mode. Follow the onscreen instruction to boot your iPhone/iPad into DFU mode by pressing physical buttons.

iCloud activation lock removal

Step 7: When you see text lines running on your phone screen,  it means the process is almost done. Click on Done and close Checkra1n

Step 8: Open iCloudBypassCA and Move iCloud to Trash to bypass iCloud account without doing other steps. It does not require Terminal, Python to help you do that.

Finally check out your iPhone and it’s now on the Home screen. Those are steps to bypass iCloud activation lock on iPhone/iPad just with one click. If you feel this post helpful, let’s know in the comment below.


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