This guide will show you a detailed instruction to freshly install macOS Catalina on your Mac so that you can avoid problems of macOS Mojave version. The new version will speed up your old Mac and fix some existing errors.

A clean install of macOS Catalina is not for every mac user. However, if your Mac has been ages, it’s a good time to make a fresh install to clear junk files. Read on this post to perform a clean install of macOS Catalina on your Mac.

Should We Install macOS Catalina

In fact, not everyone needs to perform a clean install of macOS Catalina. However, if you are encountering with macOS Mojave version, you can free up more space on your Mac SSD/HDD drive. If your Mac is newer, you do not need to perform a clean install.

If you do a clean install, all the data stored on your Mac drive will be erased. So, make sure to back up your files first. After that, you can choose to restore it from a Time Machine backup.

How to Perform A Clean Install of macOS Catalina

Step 1: Fist of all, you need to download the installer file of the macOS Catalina from the App Store. Prepare a 16GB USB drive or larger to store the update. You also need a USB C adapter, depending on the model of your MacBook.

Step 2: Launch the macOS Catalina download in the System Preferences or you can find it in the Mac App Store. When done, do not install the macOS Catalina on your Mac first.

download macOS Catalina update

Step 3: Now, connect your USB drive to your Mac. The app will then erase and format your drive.

Step 4: Download and install Disk Creator 2 on the Mac and then click on the App option.

Step 5: Select your USB drive from the drop-down menu. If not, click on Choose Installer and browse to macOS Catalina installer file

Step 6: Select Create Installer > Erase USB drive. All you need is to wait for a confirmation to complete.

create a bootable macOS Catalina USB flash drive

Step 7: Once it’s done, you already have a USB installer to start a clean install. After that, restart your MacBook and boot it into Utilities to install macOS 10.15 version. Hold the Option key while your Mac restarting to enter macOS Utilites.

install macOS Catalina from Utilities

Step 8: From there, choose the Install macOS Catalina option and then select Disk Utility.

Step 9: Double click on the hard drive, and then Erase it. Wait for it to erase your drive.

Step 10: Click on Install macOS to start the installation.

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It will start installing macOS Catalina from the USB drive to your Mac. The process will take about 30 minutes, which is much faster than updating macOS Catalina through OTA. When the installation is done, you will be taken to the setup screen and you can get started with the new version.


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