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MacOS is getting better and has more great features every time Apple releases a new version. This year, it will be Catalina version, which is the first build of macOS that exclusively supports 64-bit apps. While the final update will be only available in October 2019, many macOS users are now eager for that. MacOS Cataline does not just bring big changes for your Mac, but it also contains a number of great features that you are unable to find out on previous macOS versions.

One of the most interesting features is the support for apps of iPad. Developers are developing apps that can run both on iPadOS 13 and macOS Catalina 10.15. If you are also owning an iPad, that would be a great thing when you can sync the app data on both devices. Another significant change in macOS Catalina is Voice. The macOS 10.15 version now allows you to use your voice to control your Mac as your preference. It can be activated in Accessibility option.

However, when every macOS version is officially released, many users will encounter with being stuck at download screen due to unexpected reasons. So, in this guide, I will walk you through the potential solutions to fix macOS Catalina update stuck error on your Mac. In case you are unable to download macOS Catalina update, read on this post.

Solutions to  Fix MacOS Cataline Update Stuck Error

Method 1: Restart Your Mac

While it’s an old trick, it can help to fix a number off problems and glitches occurring on your Mac. So it can be seen as a handy way to address update stuck error on your Mac. There are multiple ways to reboot your Mac, but the simplest ones can be performed as the instruction below.

  • Click on the Apple icon at the top left corner and select Restart
  •  You can also restart your Mac by pressing Control+Command+Eject buttons at once. After your computer completes booting up, then check if the update stuck problem is already solved. Otherwise, you should cancel the macOS Catalina download.
restart Mac computers

To do so, find the Catalina being downloaded on your Mac, click on Option and select Cancel. After that, try to download the update again and check if it should be fine. You can also directly download macOS Catalina update from the Mac App Store.

Method 2: Re-install MacOS Catalina Update in Safe Mode

Safe Mode is a great way to rectify certain macOS issues, including update stuck error. If your Mac gets stuck during the installation process, you should then install it in the Safe Mode. To boot your Mac into this mode, follow these steps below

  • Restart your Mac first
  • While it’s restarting, keep pressing and holding the left Shift button until the login window appears.
how to boot Mac into Safe Mode.

Your Mac is now in Safe Mode. After that, you can check and fix issues. Open the Mac App Store and download the macOS Catalina update again. To exit Safe Mode, just power your Mac off and boot it up again.

If the error still persists,  then make sure your Mac has enough space to perform the update. The final build of macOS Catalina requires about 6GB free space of the hard drive, so you should clean up the mess on your computer first. From macOS High Sierra version, Apple has added an Optimized Storage tool, allowing you to store files in the cloud.

If the Safe Mode did not help you, then you should reset VRAM on your Mac to fix unexpected problems. To do so, power your Mac off first. After that, press and hold the key combination: Option, Command, P, and R while boooting up your Mac. Keep all of them for about 15- 20 seconds and release them when you hear the second sound of the startup. Once it completes restarting, your Mac can perform the update.

Method 3: Install macOS Catalina in Recovery Mode

If none of the mentioned methods worked for you, you should boot your Mac into recovery mode and manually install macOS Catalina. To do so, press firmly the Command + R combination ket when starting up and you will be taken to a screen with a number of options. To install macOS Catalina, just click on Install new OS and wait for the process to be done. After that, everything will work fine.

macOS Utilities on Mac computers

Above are the best solutions to fix macOS update stuck error. Hopefully, you can find the helpful solutions. If you have any problem during the macOS Catalina installation, let me know in the comment section.


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