One of the most important parts of a Macbook is the cursor. It’s used to move on to the points on the screen as well as indicate the section users want to select. However, due to unexpected reasons, the cursors on your MacBook is not working properly. It gets frozen and jumps out of control. This will absolutely interrupt your work. Thus, this post will show you the potential solutions to fix cursor not working or frozen on your Mac. All of them are pretty simple and you can do your own.

How to Fix Frozen Cursor on MacBook

Force Quit Apps on Mac

If your Mac’s cursor just gets frozen after you open certain apps on your computer, then the issue can be addressed just by force closing those apps. Here is how to close them when you are no longer able to move the cursor of your Mac.

Use the shortcut keys on your Mac to close apps. Just press firmly the Command + Option + Esc keys altogether and the popup pane will show up on the screen. From there, note the app you want to force close and select “Force Quit”.

Restart Your MacBook

It sounds simple, but it’s an effective solution to fix frozen cursor on your Mac. Many mirror glitches can be fixed just with a simple restart. Before switching off your Mac, you should first unplug all accessories being connected to your computer. Since your Mac cursor gets frozen, so you cannot hover to Apple icon to restart your Mac. In this case, simply press and hold the Power key for a few seconds.

Check Activity Monitor

open Activity Monitor

If there are too many apps running on your Mac at the same time, the high chance is that your Mac is already run out RAM memory, causing the laggy issue. So, you will not be able to use the cursor on your Mac and it gets frozen. All you need here is free up the  RAM space so that all functions on your computer work properly again. Just press Command + Space keys to open up Spotlight. From there, type in activity monitor and select the result on top. Double click on the app that is eating up too much RAM than it should be and select Quit.

Clean Up Your Trackpad

use a soft cloth to clean up the trackpad

If you usually use Trackpad on your MacBook for navigation, you should keep it far away from dust. Make sure your fingers are clean and dry every time you use it. Before cleaning it up, disconnect your Mac from the adapter and power it off. You should use a lint-free cloth and gently wipe to clean the cursor. If you use the cleaner, spray it to the cloth instead of directly to the trackpad of your Mac to avoid damage.

Boot into Safe Mode

Booting your Mac into the Safe Mode is an effective way to fix problems, including frozen cursor. Safe Mode will disable certain apps and services from running on your Mac. To boot your Mac into Safe Mode, simply follow these steps below:

  1. Power off your MacBook first
  2. Turn it back on and quickly press and hold the Shift key when the login window appears. 
boot into Safe Mode on Mac

If you have previously encrypted the startup disk with FileVault, you might need to log in twice-once in order to unlock your startup disk. If you can use the cursor normally without freezing, the Safe Mode already helped you. 

Reset SMC

The next solution you should try to fix the frozen cursor on your Mac is to reset System Management Control (SMC) on your Mac. To do so:

Resset SMC on MacBook
  1. Switch off your MacBook first
  2. If your Mac does not have T2 chip (Model 2015 and older), press the Shift + Control + Option keys on the left side of the keyboard
  3. Wait for a few seconds and press firmly the Power button for 10 seconds.
  4. Release all the keys and switch your MacBook back on.

Reset PRAM

If resetting SMC does not take effect, the last resort is to reset PRAM on your Mac to fix the cursor frozen. To reset PRAM, simply follow these steps below:

reset PRAM on MacBook
  • Restart your Mac first by pressing Control + Eject keys 
  • Hold down the Command+ Option+ P+ R combination key. You must hold them immediately when your Mac is booting up.
  • If you hear the boot chime while holding them, it means that the reset has been completed.

Your Mac will boot up normally and you see the cursor get to work back again. However, you should note that the keyboard combination just works if you hold them down before the grey screen appears. Those who are using Mac with T2 chip, you can release all the keys when the Apple logo shows up on the screen. 


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