Dear Mac users! Many people recently companied the unknown errors occurring with CorelDraw on their Mac. So, I have already collected the error with CorelDraw during its installation process on MacOS. If you are also encountering the trouble while installing and using CorelDraw on your Mac, then this post will help you fix that.

The process is quite simple and is not difficult.

Do not waste your time anymore, here is how to fix CorelDraw errors on Mac.

Easy Step To Fix CorelDraw Error On Mac

  • First, download CorelDraw _2019_v21.2.0.708 on your Mac from this link. (I will update fast speed link later). It includes CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2019_MUL_REPACK.Pkg and Crack folder

Bonus: CorelDRAW 2019 v21.0.0.593 Repack version

If this is the first time you install CorelDraw on your Mac:

  • Run CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2019_MUL_REPACK.pkg to install the file as normal. In the Serial Number window, choose the option: ‘ I don’t have a serial number and want to try the product

  • Open Crack folder and run pkg and install it like other software.
  • Finally, open CorelDraw and enjoy it!

If you have previously installed a CorelDraw version on your Mac:

  • In case you install the Trial version of CorelDraw or have already installed a cracked version, but after a few days, it came back to Trial version, you simply run pkg in the crack folder and then reopen CorelDraw.

If you encounter “an unexpected error” when running CorelDraw:

You have just completed installing the cracked version of CorelDraw, but you see “an unexpected error” showing on the screen or CorelDraw does not open when clicking on its icon, then here is how to fix it.

Step 1: Open Crack folder and run CorelDRAW Cleaner (black icon). The, enter your computer password.

Step 2:  Run CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2019_MUL_REPACK.pkg  to install it as normal

Step 3: Run CDGS2019U2.pkg in the crack folder to crack the software.

Step 4: Open CorelDraw and enjoy it!

Good luck!


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