What is Mackeeper? How To Completely Uninstall It?


If you are using Mac, then you might have ever heard about Mackeeper software. I even know many of you have already installed this software on your Mac. But you are wondering if it’s safe to use it on your computer since other Mac users reported about negative reviews on famous forums.

So, in this post, I and you will find out all about Mackeeper software.

First, what is Mackeeper?

According to Wikipedia, MacKeeper is a utility software created by Kromtech Alliance. That said, it has been accused of not performing as advertised and being unable to fully uninstall. The program has been heavily promoted through advertising and affiliate marketing to cheat Mac users its great features.

For those who have not still know, MacKeeper encountered a class-action lawsuit since they allegedly deceived their users into paying for unknown fixes. The lawsuit was settled in 2015 for about $2 million in the US without any admission of guilt by the company.

Mackeeper Features As Advertisement:

Kromtech Alliance has been advertising its Mackeeper software could help users do many tasks without spending a lot of time just with a few clicks. So, I and you will start digging into features Mackeeper features.

Allow Recovering files

In the later MacKeeper update, it allows you to recover files that you have previously removed from your Mac’s hard drive. It’s handy for those who have accidentally deleted files from the computer.

In interface MacKeeper, just click on Files Recovery from the sidebar and then hit Scan button. Then, the tool will start a full scan and then display all files that can be recoverable. Simply tick on the files you want to recover and hit the Recover button.

Encrypt data

The latest updates of MacKeeper comes with Encrypt data feature, which can encrypt your data to protect your personal files from the prying eyes. To encrypt the data, open the app and choose Data Encryptor and then follow the onscreen instructions to hide your files.

Clear memory

Another feature is Memory Cleaner to lets users remove junk files and optimize the RAM for higher performance. In Mackeeper, click on Memory Cleaner under the Advanced Tools section and click on Clean Memory Quickly.

Uninstall apps

Uninstalling an app is not just dragging into the Trash and then emptying it to clear out memory. Mackeeper allows you to remove all the leftover files with inbuild Smart Uninstaller tool.

Free up space

Cleaning up the mess on Mac is necessary if you have used your Mac for a long time. To free up space click on Disk Usage in Mackeeper from the left sidebar and simply hit the Scan button.

Is Mackeeper a scam? Is it safe to use?

In fact, Mackeeper is not yet a scam software. It could still have useful features like uninstalling apps or clearing RAM. In my opinion, I don’t highly evaluate this software since I have paid $7, 95 a month, but it’s not as useful as my expectation. A few users even reported their Mac got slower due to Mackeeper. My MBP 2015 also faces the same problem when it’s laggy and the response is not fast.

There are still other apps that are effective for tidying your Mac without the need for paying money.

I don’t know whether or Mackeeper is good for your Mac computer, but if you have already installed it on your device, I recommend you to remove Mackeeper from your Mac. When you search the Internet, it usually appears popup ìnorming that your Mac has been infected viruses, requiring you to install Mackeeper.

However, a problem arises that I heard from Mac users that they could not completely remove Mackeeper from their Mac.

If you are finding difficulty in installing Mackeeper on your Mac computer, then you are in the right place. I will now you a detailed guide to completely remove Mackeeper on your computer.

Completely Uninstall the latest Mackeeper software On Mac

To remove Mackeeper from the menu bar, run Mackeeper in the Application folder, select Preferences > General, and untick “Show Mackeeper icon in menubar”.

Uninstall Mackeeper 3 with CleanmyMac:

You can use CleanmyMac software to uninstall Mackeeper on your Mac. Download it from here. Once completed, install it on your computer.

In CleanmyMac interface, just click on Uninstall > choose Mackeeper and delete it.

But, you are not done there since the Mackeeper Helper still persists. To remove it:

  • Click on Finder
  • Press Option key while clicking Go and choose Library from the drop-down menu.
  • In the MacKeeper Helper folder, there is a file, called NoticeEngine.plugin. Delete it
  • Empty the Trash and restart your Mac and you can completely uninstall your Mackeeper from your Mac.

Remove Annoying Mackeeper Popups:

After uninstalling Mackeeper from your Mac, then removing its popups is also necessary.

Safari browser:

If you are using Safari, then simply follow these steps below:

  • Force quit Safari browser. Now, head to Safari > Preferences > Extensions, and uninstall everything related to Mackeeper. If you are running MacOS High Sierra, when clicking on, you will see an error message, saying Extensions can be enabled in the Develop menu.”  To fix that, just click on Advanced tab and check “Show Develop menu in menu bar.”
  • Next, head to Privacy tab and choose Manage Website Data, find out everything of Mackeeper and clear cookie and cache.

If you are using Chrome browser:

  • Head to Chrome > Preferences > Extensions and remove everything related to Mackeeper
  • In Settings menu, tick on Show Advanced Settings and Clear Browsing data

Firefox browser:

In Firefox, head to Tools > Addon > Chọn Extensions and uninstall extensions related to Mackeeper and then clear Cookie.

Uninstall Mackeeper with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Mac

Another easier solution to remove Mackeeper from your Mac is to use Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. Download the software for free and install it on your computer.

Once you are done, open up your Mac, click on Scan and it will automatically uninstall Mackeeper.

Manually Remove Mackeeper In MacOS 10.11.X version (and lower):

  • If you are opening Mackeeper on your Mac, right click on its icon from the Dock and quit it.
  • Press and the combination key: Shift + Command + G and enter the following command:
/Library/Application Support/MacKeeper

  • From there, you need to find out and delete the files below:







  • Access your Keychain from Applications -> Utilities -> Keychain Access. Enter your Mac password and then remove files or folder related to ‘MacKeeper’or ‘zeobit’
  • Open Activity Monitor, and select All processes. From there, you will see background tasks of Mackeeper such as ‘MacKeeper’, ‘zeobit’ or ’911 bundle’
  • Select all of them and then click on Quit Process like the image below.

  • Go to Application folder > delete Mackeeper.app and empty the Trash
  • Continue to navigate to System Preferences -> Users & Groups, and select Login items. Click on “-“ icon next to files related to Mackeeper.
  • Reboot your Mac. Once done, press Shift + Command + U keys to open Disk Ultility.
  • In this section, click on Repair Disk Permission section.

That done!

If you see these steps difficult to perform, then you can run Scripts file and it will do all tasks for you. Download it from the link below:

Download Scripts file


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