How to fix error 500 on Mac App Store

fix error 500 on Mac Store

Dear all Mac users! If you usually download apps from the Mac App store, then you might usually see a few errors with your Mac Store. One of the common errors that many Mac users have complained about is that error 500. If you are also encountering the same error when downloading & installing apps on your Mac computer, then this post will share with you solutions to fix it.

Software-related problems still have handy solutions that can be fixed easily without bringing your Mac to an Apple Service center and the “ error 500” is not an exception. You can fix it yourself by trying one of the following methods in this post.

How to troubleshoot with error 500 on Mac Store

Before proceeding, you should make sure that your Mac is already connected a Wi-Fi network so that your favorite apps properly. Once you are all set, let’s get started!

Solution 1: Restart Your Mac

The first as well as the easiest solution you should try to fix error 500 is to reboot your Mac. Doing so will clear out all corrupted data that might have affected the Mac Store.

To do so:

  • Click on Apple icon > Restart
  • Or press firmly the Power button and choose Restart when you see a message prompt.

Solution 2: Sign out your Apple ID

The next solution to you should try is to sign out the Apple ID currently being used on your Mac. Sometimes, there might be a few problems with your Apple ID, which caused it to fail to confirm the download. To sign out your Apple ID on your Mac, read on these steps below:

  • Click on Apple icon your Mac > select System Preference
  • Click on Back Arrow icon and choose iCloud
  • From there, sign out your Apple ID. Enter the passcode of your computer when prompted
  • Restart your Mac again. After it boots up, sign in your Apple ID again.

Now, launch Mac Store again, and try downloading an app, you will see that the error 500 already disappears.

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Solution 3: Update your Mac to the latest MacOS version

The two solutions above did not help you, then you should update your Mac to the latest MacOS version available. At this time of writing, the latest build is MacOS Mojave 10.14.3. If you have not updated your device for a long time, then you should do that. The update contains a patch fix, which can solve the error 500.

To update your Mac to the latest MacOS version, simply head to System Preference > Software Update and check for the latest one.

Wait for the process to complete and then you will see the error 500 no longer appear.

Good luck to all!


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