How To Install Windows 10 On External Storage For MacOS


Aside from Windows, MacOS X is another great operating system. However, I know many of MacOS users sometimes want to run Windows apps on their MacBook. But, installing Windows 10 directly on the hard drive of the Mac will eat up a lot of space and it also requires more tasks for the bootup. So, to help MacOS users run Windows apps on their Mac without installing Windows 10 OS directly on the Mac, this post will show you a method to install Windows 10 on an external drive and then use it on your Mac. Read on this post if you want to use Windows on your Mac.

Not only Mac, but this method is also useful for those who like the convenience when you just need an external hard drive to do so.


  • Does not eat up your Mac memory
  • Be convenient for managing files, no clash between two platforms


  • Needs to restart the computer each time changing OS
  • Always connect the external hard drive to the Mac


You need to prepare an HDD or SSD hard drive, but SSD is better since the read/write speed is much faster.

A USB drive to copy WindowsSupport file

Once you are all set, let’s start installing Windows 10 on an external drive and use it on your Mac.

Steps To Install Windows 10 On External Storage For MacOS

Step 1: Create a Windows 10 drive

  • Download required files:

Rufus v3.1 software:

Windows 10 1803 ver EN 64bit:

  • Prepare a Windows computer to create a Windows 10 bootup drive
  • Open Rufus 3.1 app on the Windows computer with Administrator
  • Connect your external drive to the computer
  • If the Rufus tool cannot detach your external hard drive, click on Show Advanced Drive properties and choose list USB hard drive.
  • Click on Select and browse to Windows 10.iso
  • From Image option, choose Windows To Go

  • Set a name if you want and click on Start.
  • Choose your preferred Windows 10 version and follow the rest of the onscreen instructions.

Step 2:  Download Windows Support file

  • On the Mac you want to run Windows 10 OS, search and open BootCamp assistant
  • Click on Action and choose Download Windows Support Software

  • Now, follow the rest of the onscreen prompts to complete the process.
  • Once done, copy the downloaded file into a USB drive to install it every time you boot up Windows from your external hard drive

That’s all! You have successfully installed Windows 10 OS on an external drive to use it later on your MacBook. If you have any trouble, let’s know in the comment below.


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