How To Install Windows 10 On MacOS Using BootCamp


Dear Mac users! I see that there were a number of posts on the internet about installing Windows on Mac devices. However, most of them are old posts that were done on older MacOS versions.  So in this post today, I will show you a step-by-step guide to installing Windows 10 version on the latest MacOS Mojave.

But before getting started, here are some things you should note first:

  • Your Mac is running on a MacOS version and has only a partition
  • This post will instruct you to install with .ISO file, so you don’t a USB drive to do that.
  • You should only install Windows 10 on your Mac that comes with an SSD 256GB and higher. If your SSD hard drive is only 128GB, you should not try it.
  • If you want to partition for both Windows and Mac, read on this post to do so. If not, skip this note

Download Files:

Steps To Install Windows 10 On MacOS Using BootCamp

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Step 1: Create BootCamp to install Windows

  • On your Mac, click on Launchpad > type in “boot” and select Bootcamp Assistant
  • Click on Continues and choose the patch that browses to the Windows 10 ISO file
  • Now, click on Connect your Mac to the power source. If there is much battery left, you can choose Continue on Battery Power

  • Your Mac will now start creating a partition. The process will take you 10-20 minutes.
  • During the process, you will be prompted to enter your password. Simply enter it to continue.

Once done, your Mac will automatically boot into Windows interface

Step 2: Install Windows On Mac

  • On the Windows setup screen, click on Next
  • When you are prompted with entering an activation key, click on I don’t have a Product Key
  • Choose Windows 10 Pro version
  • Click Accept and choose Next
  • Now, you just choose BootCamp Partition and click on Next. Do not select other partitions.

  • For now, simply wait for the process to be done
  • Once done, follow the onscreen instruction to complete the setup wizard.
  • Your Mac will now require you to install BootCamp driver, just click on Next to install it.

That’s all you need! You have successfully installed Windows 10 on your MacOS Mojave. If you want to run MacOS again, simply press and hold Option key while restarting to switch to Mojave.

Other notes:

  • When restarting for the first time, pressing Option key will appear two partitions: Windows.
  • Tool crack Windows 10:
  • You can install Paragon NTFS on Mac read files on BootCamp partition, and install  Paragon HFS on Windows to read files on Mac.


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